According to a new study, rates of pregnancy after hysteroscopic or laparoscopic sterilization are five times greater than previously thought. At 5 years after the procedure, the cumulative rate of pregnancy was over 6%. Healio



Maternal stress may impact absorption of iron in the fetus. (Neuroscience News)

Vitamin D Deficiency a Risk Factor for Miscarriage – Medscape

Mediterranean diet cuts preeclampsia risk by 22%, with greater benefit for Black mothers – Healio


No surprise. COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected sleep in new moms

Postpartum depression increased during pandemic’s first year – Contemporary ObGyn

Pandemic, racism linked to postpartum anxiety, depression in Black mothers – Healio


Women with long COVID experience more symptoms than men – Healio

Pandemic-related stress linked to increase in ovulatory disturbances among women – Healio


Study finds that even asymptomatic COVID-19 may increase pregnancy risks

Infants whose mothers were vaccinated while pregnant better protected from severe COVID-19 – Healio

Possible Causal Relationship Between COVID-19 and Gestational Diabetes Onset – Medical Bag

Understanding the impact COVID-19 vaccines have on fertility and pregnancy – Contemporary OBGyn

Data show most pregnant women with COVID-19 pass antibodies to neonates – Healio

Pregnant women less likely to get COVID-19, but more likely to have severe outcomes – Healio

Nearly half of UK parents report negative COVID-19 pandemic-related childbirth experiences – Healio


Pfizer or Moderna: Which COVID Vaccine Is the Best Bet for Your Toddler? Medscape

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