The Center for Women’s Mental Health at the Massachusetts General Hospital has both a Clinical and a Research Program. The combination of research with clinical practice keeps our psychiatrists up-to-date and involved in the most current developments within the field, ensuring that our Center provides the highest quality care.

Our current research investigates treatment options for menopausal symptoms that disrupt a woman’s life. Our observational studies on psychiatric disorders during pregnancy allow us to add to the limited knowledge about the effects of both treated and untreated mood disorder on a woman and her child. We regularly publish our research in scholarly journals and present our findings at scientific conferences throughout the world.

You may view the list of current studies being conducted at the Center below. If you do not qualify for one of current studies, be sure to join our Research Registry by filling out our Research Interest Form through the button to the right; you will be contacted by one of our Research Assistants if we begin a study that may be of interest to you.

Active Research Studies

We are currently enrolling patients for the following research studies. Please click the title of the study for more information. You can also find information about our studies on, a registry of federally and privately supported clinical trials.

A Neurosteroid Intervention for Menopausal and Perimenopausal Depression

Are you experiencing symptoms of menopause and feeling depressed or down?

The Massachusetts General Hospital Postpartum Psychosis Project (MGHP3)

Are you a mother who has experienced an episode of postpartum psychosis within the past ten years?

National Pregnancy Registry for Psychiatric Medications

Are you pregnant and taking antipsychotics, antidepressants, or other psychiatric medications?

A Behavioral Activation App for Depression during Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Feeling down, sad, or depressed? Do you like gaming apps?

UPWARD & UPWARD(S) – Reducing the risk of depressive relapse in pregnancy and the post-partum

Are you pregnant, and do you have a history of depression and are currently in treatment?

MGHPDS Mobile App

Are you pregnant? Do you own a smartphone?