Overview of Psych Academy

The Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy is an educational organization for psychiatrists, psychologists, other mental health professionals, and other healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat patients with mental health disorders. All courses are online, and participants will receive Continuing Education credits upon course completion. The lectures are pre-recorded, so you can move through a course at your own pace.

We currently have three separate educational courses: Psychiatric Disorders in Women: Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations Across the Female Lifespan, Perinatal Psychiatry: In-Depth Modules for Enhanced Approaches, and Spotlight on Advanced Topics in Women’s Mental Health.

2024 6-week course schedule:

Psychiatric Disorders in Women: Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations Across the Female Lifespan

January 8 – February 26; Registration Deadline: January 23

6-Week Course Option:

We often run each online course once throughout the year. Each course runs for six weeks, and all course content unlocks on the first day. In other words, all lectures are pre-recorded and you will be able to move through the material at the times that work best for you. You will have access to lectures from the MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health faculty–and in some cases, from providers external to our group. In addition, faculty will host a weekly Question and Answer session open to all course participants. The Live Q&As are entirely optional, and participants will have access to a moderated discussion board as well. Readings selected by our faculty will be available to supplement the course lectures. Upon completion of a six-week course, participants will receive 13.25 Continuing Education credits.

On-Demand Option:

Individual course lectures can be purchased at a fraction of the six-week course cost. All lectures are pre-recorded and become available upon purchase. Unlike our six-week courses, the Live Question and Answer sessions and the moderated discussion board will not be available. Continuing Education credit, however, is available for our individual courses. You will receive one CE/CME credit upon completing a lecture.

All 6-Week Courses

Spotlight on Advanced Topics in Women’s Mental Health

Psychiatric Disorders in Women

Virtual, Live Conference

On-Demand Courses

No-Cost Courses for MGH Providers

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