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Press Release: Potential Treatment Option for Women Deciding to Discontinue Antidepressants During Pregnancy

Massachusetts General Hospital Efficacy Study Centers on EnBrace HR™ SUNSET, LA (PRWEB) OCTOBER 18, 2016: JayMac Pharmaceuticals is sponsoring a study at Massachusetts General Hospital to assess the efficacy of a pre-and post-natal supplement, EnBrace HR™, as a treatment for the prevention of depression in women with a history of Major Depressive Disorder who decide […]

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Postpartum Psychosis: Ten Things You Need to Know

Because postpartum psychosis is a relatively rare event, we do not have as much information on this illness as we have on postpartum depression.  In addition, most of the literature we have on postpartum psychosis is not new.  The American Journal of Psychiatry has just published an excellent and well-researched review on the topic online […]

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Clinical Case: Breastfeeding in a Woman with Bipolar Disorder

Ms. C is a woman with a long history of bipolar disorder, dating back to her teen years.  Because she experienced recurrent hypomania and mania every time she attempted to discontinue her treatment, she and her psychiatrist decided that she would remain on her regular regimen of medications during pregnancy and the postpartum period, which […]

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Treatment Challenges in Menopausal Women with Schizophrenia

Over the years there have been multiple reports indicating that women with schizophrenia may experience worsening of their symptoms as they transition into the menopause.  In addition, while schizophrenia typically has its onset in young adulthood, there is a second peak in women around menopause.  Researchers have postulated that falling estrogen levels may modulate dopaminergic […]

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Hormonal Contraception Linked to a (Small) Increase in Risk for Depression

We commonly receive questions regarding the potential effects of oral contraceptives (birth control pills) on mood and risk for depression.  Despite the prevalence of OC usage, few studies have explored the association between hormonal contraceptive use and mood disturbance.  According to a large Danish study of more than one million young women, the use of […]

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Prenatal Exposure to Levetiracetam and Topiramate: No Evidence of Cognitive Deficits

Many of the newer antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) have uses beyond the treatment of epilepsy.  Topiramate (marketed as a Topamax), in addition to its use for the treatment of epilepsy, is now being prescribed to reproductive aged women for a broad spectrum of indications, including migraine headaches, weight control, and mood stabilization.  Limited information is available […]

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Atypical Antipsychotics and Breastfeeding

Women with bipolar disorder are at a higher risk for relapse during pregnancy and that the risk is even higher during the postpartum period.  In addition, women with bipolar disorder are more vulnerable to postpartum psychosis.  It is for these reasons that we typically recommend that women with bipolar disorder maintenance treatment with a mood […]

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Depression Trajectories Across the Peripartum Period: Many Women Depressed During the First Postpartum Year

In the earliest studies, postpartum depression was described an episode of depression associated with childbirth, typically emerging within the first three months after delivery.  As more research has been carried out, we have learned that a sizeable number of  women with PPD actually begin to experience symptoms during pregnancy.  The bottom line is that women […]

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Weekly Roundup for SEP 23 2016

This week’s roundup includes a series of articles on depression in menopausal women. Reducing depression during the menopausal transition with health coaching: Results from the healthy menopausal transition randomised controlled trial. Almeida OP, Marsh K, Murray K, Hickey M, Sim M, Ford A, Flicker L. Maturitas. 2016 Oct;92:41-8. doi: 10.1016/j.maturitas.2016.07.012. Epub 2016 Jul 19. Depressive […]

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