Telephone-Based Interpersonal Therapy for PPD is Effective

Interpersonal therapy (IPT) has been shown to be effective for the treatment of postpartum depression. Typically this treatment is delivered in person; however given limited access to specialized providers, recent research has explored the feasibility and effectiveness of treatments delivered remotely. A recent study looks at the use of IPT for the treatment of postpartum depression as delivered by nurses over the telephone. This study recruited 241 postpartum women with major [...]

March 19th, 2020|

Is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Effective for Postpartum Depression?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), an FDA approved treatment for major depression, is a noninvasive procedure which uses magnetic fields to stimulate specific areas of the brain. It is not commonly used as a first line treatment for depression; however, it is an attractive option for those who cannot use or have not responded to traditional antidepressants.  A pilot study from Cox and colleagues looks at the efficacy of repetitive TMS or [...]

March 18th, 2020|

COVID-19 Outbreak: Information for Pregnant Women

It is difficult to describe how much things have changed over the past week as we responded to the outbreak of coronavirus in the United States.   Even in the best of times, women who are pregnant or have children are acutely aware of the enormous responsibility they carry in caring for their families.  When the world presents new threats and challenges, normal worries can grow into fear and anxiety.    It is [...]

March 16th, 2020|

NT-814: Neurokinin Receptor Antagonist Effective for Menopausal Vasomotor Symptoms

Perimenopausal vasomotor symptoms are triggered by a fall in circulating levels of estrogen and other sex steroids. It has been hypothesized that thermoregulatory centres in the hypothalamus play a crucial role in mediating the hot flash response. Recent research has focused on the hypothalamic hormone neurokinin B (NKB), as a possible mediator linking estrogen deficiency to hot flashes. NKB is a decapeptide and a member of the tachykinin family of peptides.  [...]

March 12th, 2020|

Poor Sleep During Pregnancy Associated with Perinatal Anxiety, OCD

According to a recent study, approximately 28%-38% of women meet criteria for sleep deficiency during early pregnancy. (Sleep deficiency is defined as short sleep duration, insufficient sleep, or insomnia).  As pregnancy progresses, sleep quality continues to deteriorate; during the third trimester, over half of all women report poor quality of sleep.  We have a growing body of literature indicating that poor sleep during pregnancy is a risk factor for postpartum depression.  [...]

March 11th, 2020|

Do Perimenopausal Women Benefit from Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone which is normally secreted by the pineal gland; its levels rise at night when it is dark and fall during the morning hours in response to daylight.  Melatonin is involved in regulating normal sleep-wake cycles but recent research has shown that melatonin may have other important beneficial effects. Melatonin is sold over the counter as a dietary supplement and is a popular natural remedy for sleep problems.  [...]

March 10th, 2020|