Winter is definitely upon us here in Boston.  As we waddle around like penguins, bundled in bulky down coats, trying not to fall and break our hips on the ice-covered sidewalks, we may forget to reflect on more pleasant (and warmer) times.  

It has been a fulfilling and productive year for us at the Center for Women’s Mental Health.  We have seen an unprecedented year of growth, in terms of interest in the field of reproductive psychiatry, our website readership, the launch of our online course, and the number of new research projects we are pursuing.  We are grateful to and inspired by our patients, our readers, our staff, and our colleagues. Thank you!

The holidays are a great time to sit back and take stock of the past year.  We get to be with family, with friends, and, if we’re lucky, to take a bit of a break.  However, let’s not fool ourselves. The holidays can also be, well… complicated. While there are plenty of opportunities to feel connected, joyful, and thankful, this time of year also brings pressures, expectations, conflict, disappointment, and even grief.  What if you don’t feel happy at a time when everybody else is so darn cheerful?  

The following articles from our colleagues may help to put things back  into perspective: 


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Enjoy the Holidays More With Mindfulness


Mom for the Holidays by Lauren Hale


Tips for the Holidays from RESOLVE


Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy New Year!

The MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health


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