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Prenatal Valproic Acid Exposure and Poor School Performance in Older Children

  There have long been concerns regarding the use of the anticonvulsant valproate (Depakote) during pregnancy.  First trimester use of valproate has been associated with a 3-5% risk of neural tube defects, as well as an increased risk of other malformations affecting the heart, limbs, and genitals. Prenatal exposure to valproate may also result in […]

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Clinical Update 2017: Lamotrigine (Lamictal) and Breastfeeding

Women with bipolar disorder are vulnerable to postpartum illness, and it is generally recommended that mothers continue treatment with a mood stabilizer throughout the postpartum period to reduce their risk of relapse; however, this recommendation is complicated by the fact that all mood stabilizers are secreted into the breast milk, although their concentrations appear to […]

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New Research from the CWMH: Lithium During Pregnancy and Risk of Cardiovascular Malformations

  While we use lithium less commonly now than we have in the past, lithium is still one of the very best mood stabilizers we have.  And with regard to its reproductive safety, we have studies going back nearly 50 years.   In the 1970s, reports from the International Register of Lithium Babies suggested a […]

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Lamotrigine Reduces Risk for Postpartum Relapse in Women with Bipolar Disorder

Numerous studies have demonstrated that women with histories of bipolar disorder are at high risk for postpartum illness.  Because of this increased risk for relapse during the postpartum period, we typically recommend that women with histories of bipolar disorder continue treatment with a mood stabilizer throughout the postpartum period.  Historically, lithium has been the most […]

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Lamotrigine and Pregnancy: Meta-Analysis Shows No Increase in Risk for Malformations

  Maintenance treatment with a mood stabilizer during pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of relapse in women with bipolar disorder; however, many of the mood stabilizers commonly used in this setting, including lithium and valproic acid, carry some degree of teratogenic risk. In contrast, lamotrigine (Lamictal) appears to be a much safer option for […]

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You Asked: What Dose of Folic Acid for Pregnant Women Taking Lamotrigine (Lamictal)?

In our community of perinatal psychiatrists, we have recently seen many questions regarding the use of folic acid supplementation in women taking lamotrigine (Lamictal).  While all recognize that all women of childbearing age should receive folic acid supplementation, there is considerable variation regarding the dose that should be recommended for women taking lamotrigine (Lamictal). Folic […]

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Lamotrigine and Pregnancy: New Study, No Significant Increase in Risk of Oral Clefts

The anticonvulsant lamotrigine (Lamictal) is being used with increasing regularity for the treatment of women with bipolar disorder.  Back in 2006, we reported on preliminary data indicating an increased risk of oral clefts among infants exposed to lamotrigine during the first trimester of pregnancy.  It has been a while since we reviewed the data regarding […]

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You Asked: Is There an Interaction Between Lamotrigine and Oral Contraceptives?

  We get many questions about the interaction between lamotrigine (Lamictal) and oral contraceptives (OCs).  While many readers raise concerns that lamotrigine may decrease the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, the primary interaction is actually in the other direction.  In other words, oral contraceptives may decrease the effectiveness of lamotrigine.   Studies have shown that estrogens, […]

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