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    Impact of Infertility Treatment on Risk for Depression and Anxiety

    Infertility and its treatment have been shown to be a trigger for both depression and anxiety.  Women with pre-existing histories of depression and anxiety who have been stable on medication may find themselves with worsening symptoms brought on by the stress involved in the process of infertility treatment.  Many women find the process an emotional roller coaster of hopefulness and disappointment.

    Pre-Existing Psychiatric Illness is a Risk Factor for Postpartum Suicide Attempt

    A recent population-based case-control study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology used Washington State birth certificates linked to hospital discharge data to evaluate the association between hospitalization for a psychiatric illness before delivery and risk of postpartum suicide attempt. The study compared women hospitalized for a postpartum suicide attempt (n = 355) with a group of controls who had not been hospitalized (n = 1420).

    Antidepressants and Risk for Osteoporosis

    Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) account for approximately 62% of all antidepressants prescribed in the United States. There have been several recent studies suggesting that SSRIs may lower bone mineral density in individuals over the age of 65. However, depression itself has been shown to decrease bone mineral density and has also been associated with an increased risk of hip fractures in older women.

    New England Journal of Medicine Case Report: Postpartum Psychosis in a Woman with Bipolar Disorder

    The most recent issue of the New England Journal of Medicine includes the presentation of a case from the Center for Women's Mental Health of a woman with bipolar disorder who developed postpartum psychosis after the birth of her child. The case highlights some of the clinical challenges in treating patients with bipolar disorder during pregnancy and the postpartum period and reviews the current literature on postpartum psychosis.

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