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    Hot Flashes or Depression: Which Comes First?

    Hot flashes and depression are both common symptoms of the menopause transition.  Several studies have found a relationship between depression and hot flashes: depressed women are more likely to experience hot flashes and women with hot flashes are more likely to have depression.  Other studies have found no association between hot flashes and depression. 

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    Depression and Menopausal Symptoms Go Together

    It is well established that women are at increased risk for developing depression compared to men.  It has been hypothesized that this vulnerability to depression may be hormonally mediated, and several longitudinal studies have documented an increased risk of depressive symptoms during perimenopause or the menopausal transition.  Based on the results of two prospective cohort studies, approximately one-third of women will develop their first episode of depression during the menopausal transition.  (Cohen LS et al 2006, Freeman EW et al 2006).

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