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Is It Safe During Pregnancy? There’s An App for That

  January was Birth Defects Prevention Month, and MotherToBaby launched a free app  designed to provide evidence-based information to pregnant and breastfeeding women. There is Information on a broad range of medications, some herbal remedies, [...]

You Asked: What Dose of Folic Acid for Pregnant Women Taking Lamotrigine (Lamictal)?

In our community of perinatal psychiatrists, we have recently seen many questions regarding the use of folic acid supplementation in women taking lamotrigine (Lamictal).  While all recognize that all women of childbearing age should receive [...]

You Asked: Is There an Interaction Between Lamotrigine and Oral Contraceptives?

  We get many questions about the interaction between lamotrigine (Lamictal) and oral contraceptives (OCs).  While many readers raise concerns that lamotrigine may decrease the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, the primary interaction is actually in [...]

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