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Anxiety During Pregnancy: How Does it Affect the Developing Fetal Brain?

During fetal life, neurons proliferate, migrate and form connections, providing the structure of the developing brain. Neurons reach their final destinations by the 16th week of gestation, while branching and making appropriate connections occur even before that time (1). The brain continues to develop during the entire pregnancy, with most of the synapse formation in the developing brain happens during the third trimester (2).

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Infertile Women: Is it Better than Medication?

Research indicates that women undergoing infertility treatment experience high rates of psychological distress (1). Additionally, it is believed that stress and depression have an impact on fertility, as it has been shown that certain psychological interventions may improve pregnancy rates in infertile women (2-4). In a recent study, Faramarzi and colleagues compared the effects of group cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), fluoxetine, and no treatment on the mental health of infertile women who had been trying to conceive for at least 2 years (5).