Who is eligible for the Registry?

All pregnant people 45 and younger with a history of psychiatric illness are eligible to enroll in the registry.

What does participation in the Registry involve?

Participation in the Registry involves three phone interviews:

  1. The baseline interview is conducted as soon as possible after you learn that you are pregnant to obtain information about your psychiatric and physical health, pregnancy, etc. (20-30 minute phone call).
  2. Registry staff will call you when you are 7 months pregnant to follow up on the status of your health and pregnancy (10 minute phone call).
  3. Registry staff will call you 3 months after your baby is born (15 minute phone call).

We will also request your permission to obtain medical records for you and your child to obtain information about maternal and neonatal outcomes. Release of medical records is optional, and not a requirement for participation in the Registry.

How to Enroll in the Registry

If you are interested in participating in the National Pregnancy Registry, please call the toll-free number below or fill out this Participant Interest Form to be contacted by our research coordinator. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Call Toll-Free: 1-866-961-2388

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