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COVID vaccines decrease risk of severe illness in pregnant women

How to encourage moms to get vaccinated

Booster vaccines for older kids

The impact of stress on pregnancy outcomes

Parenting adolescents


Interventions – either a structured Mediterranean diet or mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy — reduce the chance that at-risk infants will be born small for gestational age. (Healio)

Sleep-disordered breathing is tied to greater preeclampsia risk. (Healio)

Study confirms that home births are associated with avoidable risks to the mother and infant. (Healio)

In Minneapolis, women living in areas with heavy policing have higher rates of preterm birth. Read more about the impact of PTSD on pregnancy outcomes.


Cannabis Use is Climbing in Pregnancy Among People With HIV (MedPage Today)


Pregnant women respond best to vaccine messages focused on infant protection. (Healio)

FDA authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech booster shots for 16- and 17-year olds. (Healio)

Vaccination lowers risk of severe COVID-19 in pregnancy during delta surge. (Healio)

Superspreaders? Infants less than six months old have higher viral loads than older children. (Infectious Disease Advisor)

Some Covid-19 policies fuel violence against women and girls (STAT)


Helping parents cope with adolescent behavior (Contemporary Pediatrics)

Parents of Gen Z kids don’t how to deal with their children’s mental health struggles with social media. (CNN)

How To Help Kids Cope With Being The Only Mask-Wearer In School (HuffPost Life)

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