When we started our website 15 years ago, a productive month in the field of reproductive psychiatry meant that a few good articles were published.  Times have certainly changed.   In fact, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the increasing number of publications in this rapidly growing field.   It is clearly impossible to cover all of the articles on our website, but it is important to let our readers know what is out there.

So here’s a list.  At the end of every month I plan to include a list of articles published or released online during the previous month.  Some of the articles are better than others, and the article are in no particular order.  I make note of the article that are reviewed on our website, as well as the article we plan to cover in the near future.

Despite my efforts to scrub the medical literature, some article slip by me.  In the comments section, feel free to let me know about relevant articles that we can add to next month’s list.

Thanks for your help,

Ruta Nonacs, MD PhD


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