Given the number of younger women using atypical antipsychotic medications, we need more accurate data regarding the reproductive safety of these medications. To better understand the link between antipsychotic medication and medical conditions associated with pregnancy, including gestational diabetes and hypertension, researchers compared pregnancy outcomes in 1,021 pregnant women taking antipsychotic medication to outcomes in 1, 021 unmedicated women of similar age, income, and psychiatric illness history.

This study calls into question earlier data suggesting that pregnant women taking antipsychotic medications may have an increased risk of gestational diabetes. Compared to non-users, women prescribed an antipsychotic medication during pregnancy were not at higher risk of gestational diabetes, hypertensive disorders, or venous thromboembolism. The preterm birth rate was similar among antipsychotic users (14.5%) and matched non-users (14.3%).

Ruta Nonacs, MD PhD

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Antipsychotic drug use in pregnancy: high dimensional, propensity matched, population based cohort study

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