Some much to read, so little time.

Some good news for coffee drinkers.

More data suggesting that cannabis use during pregnancy can negatively affect the developing fetus.

More data on the benefits of sleep for moms and their babies.

And of course more news on COVID. Vaccinations are essential for women who are pregnant or planning to conceive.

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In a study from Mississippi, not only did the Delta variant of COVID increase the risk of stillbirth, it also has led to an increase in maternal mortality.  (MedPage Today)

COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt women’s reproductive health (Healio)



FDA OKs COVID-19 Booster Shots for All Adults (MedPage Today)

Science prevails: author of an article linking COVID vaccines and miscarriage asks for article to be retracted.  (Retraction Watch)



Women With PMDD Use More Cannabis Than Those Without PMDD (Psychiatry Advisor)



One-third of younger women with copper IUDs experience unwanted side effects.  What factors are associated with better outcomes? (Contemporary OB/GYN)



Pregnant women with low to moderate caffeine consumption may have a lower risk of gestational diabetes, lower glucose levels and a better cardiometabolic risk profile (Medscape)

Getting quality sleep and other wellness practices improve reproductive capacity in women (Healio)



Multiple studies indicate that prenatal exposure to cannabis has a negative impact on the developing fetus.  With increasing numbers of women using cannabis during pregnancy, we need to work on providing more accurate information on the risks of cannabis use to women of reproductive age.  Many women get their information from their dispensary.  (Healio) Read more about cannabis during pregnancy on our website.  



Migraine History May Raise Risk for Peripartum Depression and Anxiety (Psychiatry Advisor)



Babies who get  more sleep and have fewer awakenings are less likely to be overweight (Harvard School of Public Health)



When it comes to digital devices in kids, media multitasking, rather than total amount of time spent on digital media, seems to cause more problems.  (MedPage Today)

Teens in America: How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Shaping the Next Generation (Psychiatric Times)



Female physicians with children were at higher risk of depression and anxiety during the pandemic compared to male physician-parents. (JAMA Network Open)



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