We are deeply troubled by the recent killings of Ahmed Aubrey,  Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and other Black Americans.  These events bring into sharp focus the long-standing problems of racism, bias, and inequity in our country. As physicians and mental health care providers, we are committed, and morally obligated, to alleviate pain and suffering. The Center for Women’s Mental Health condemns racism in any form and is committed to promoting understanding and inclusion.

We know that racism has taken an enormous toll on the emotional and physical well-being of persons of color living in our country.  We know that racism and inequity are important issues that affect the women and families we care for in our center. Being silent on this matter is unacceptable.  We recognize that simply condemning racism is not enough.  We must work to better understand the scope of racism as it affects our patient population to ensure that we are doing our best to address the needs of, and to provide exceptional care to, ALL of the women who have trusted us with their care.  

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to reflect on these issues with the goal of making changes that will improve the lives of the women for whom we care. 

The Center for Women’s Mental Health


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