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    CBT-Based Group Intervention Improves Perinatal Depression and Maternal Sensitivity

    Previous research has shown that higher levels of depressive symptoms during pregnancy may be associated with lower levels of maternal-fetal attachment (MFA).  Other studies have indicated that poor MFA is a significant predictor of worse [...]

    Perinatal Dyadic Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Postpartum Depression

    Many studies have observed that postpartum depression may negatively affect the mother-infant relationship and may thus impede bonding and attachment and negatively affect the development of the young child.  A recent study explores the use of Perinatal Dyadic Psychotherapy (PDP), a dual-focused mother-infant intervention designed to prevent and/or decrease depressive symptoms in the mother and to improve aspects of the mother-infant relationship related to child development.

    Postpartum Depression and Positive Parenting Practices

    How does postpartum depression affect a mother’s ability to care for and parent her child?  Various studies have demonstrated that depressed mothers may be less attuned to their children’s needs, either being less responsive to the baby or, in some cases, too intrusive.  Researchers have speculated that this mismatch between mother and baby may contribute to problems with infant bonding, delays in development and emotional dysregulation.

    Childhood Abuse: A Risk Factor for Bonding and Parenting Difficulties

    Multiple studies have demonstrated that childhood maltreatment is associated with subsequent difficulties.  Researchers from the University of Michigan assessed parenting behaviors in women with a history of childhood abuse and neglect (n?=?97) and a healthy control comparison group (n?=?53).  Participants were assessed at 6 weeks, 4 months, and 6 months postpartum. At 6 months, a home visit was conducted and  mothers and infants participated in a dyadic play interaction later coded for positive parenting behaviors by blinded raters.

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