Katherine Stone, the founder of Postpartum Progress, has long been an advocate for women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.  In addition to her website which provides information and support, she has helped to create and sponsor events which raise public awareness of postpartum depression and related disorders.  The largest event for women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders — Climb Out of the Darkness 2016 – will take place on June 18, 2016.

It’s time to REGISTER.

There isn’t a single Climb, but many being held throughout the world. To participate in Climb Out of the Darkness™, you have several options:



Our Climb Leaders have already created their teams, and now it’s time for our Climbers to register. You can pick a local team, register, and plan to have a great time in June!

Many of our Climbers choose to fundraise, but it is not a requirement. However, for those choosing to raise money, we want to share what your funds to go support.

  • Free educational materials distributed upon request to obstetrician, therapy, psychiatry, support groups and pediatrician offices upon request
  • The development of tools like the New Mom Checklist for Maternal Mental Health.
  • Programs like our award-winning blog, which had more than 2.6 million pageviews in 2015, and our private support forum for struggling moms, which supports more than 3,000 mothers around the world
  • Our annual Warrior Mom Conference which prepares survivors of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders to become peer advocates for struggling moms in their own communities and raise awareness
  • Advocacy for better support, less stigma and increased services for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

Every dollar helps, and we appreciate the fundraising efforts made by our Warrior Mom Community. Every Climber who raises $100 receives a free t-shirt. Additionally, every individual Climber who raises $3000 or more will become a member of our (new!) Climb Out of the Darkness Everest Club; they’ll receive recognition on the website and a free ticket to our annual Warrior Mom Conference.

We hope you’ll join us and register for Climb Out of the Darkness. If you have more questions, check out our Climb Out FAQ.

Interested in leading a Climb or finding one to participate in around your community? Check out our Climb map. If you don’t see your area listed email Jasmine, our Program Manager, at climbout@postpartumprogress.org.


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