New Recommendations Call for Iodine in All Prenatal Vitamins

In the developing baby, iodine is necessary for thyroid function and normal brain development. According to a recent Lancet study, even children born to women with mild-to-moderate iodine deficiency during pregnancy are at increased risk for lower IQ and reading ability (assessed at age 9). The most severe effects were observed among children born to women with severe deficiency.

Parent’s Suicide Attempt Increases a Child’s Risk of Suicide

Previous studies have shown that children who have lost a parent to suicide are more likely to attempt suicide than children whose parents died unintentionally.  One obvious explanation for this finding is that the parents who attempt or commit suicide are more likely to have a mood disorder or serious psychiatric illness and that their children share this genetic vulnerability and are therefore more likely to have a psychiatric illness which increases their risk for suicide.

New Guidelines Limit Testosterone Supplements for Women

Both men and women produce testosterone. The big difference is that the levels are much lower in women, around 15 to 40 ng/dL.  In women, testosterone levels begin to decline gradually after the age of 20. In postmenopausal women, testosterone levels are between 0 and 20 ng/dL.  Various symptoms have been attributed to falling levels of testosterone in midlife women, including lower sex drive, decreased muscle mass and bone density, decline in cognitive functioning, and depression.  Some refer to this constellation of symptoms as “female androgen insufficiency syndrome”; others debate the clinical validity of this diagnosis in women.

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Clinical Update 2014: Use of Methylphenidate During Pregnancy

For women with mild to moderate attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms, we frequently recommend discontinuing medication and switching to a non-pharmacologic intervention.  Although these women might experience some decrease in their level of functioning, they typically [...]