• Monthly Archives: April 2012

    Breastfeeding and Benzodiazepines: Good News

    Clinically significant anxiety symptoms are common during the postpartum period and frequently complicate the treatment of postpartum depression.   While SSRIs are indicted for the treatment anxiety symptoms, especially when they co-occur with depression, many women may need to use a benzodiazepine for managing more severe symptoms of anxiety or insomnia. 

    Prenatal Antipsychotic Exposure and Neuromotor Performance

    While a handful of studies have assessed the risk for congenital malformations in infants exposed to antipsychotic agents, there is even less information regarding neonatal outcome in this population.  In 1992, it was first reported that infants exposed to first-generation antipsychotic medications exhibited increased muscle tone, tremulousness, and poor motor functioning when assessed within a few days of delivery.

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