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    The Importance of Proper Dosing of Antidepressants during Pregnancy

    Pregnancy and the postpartum period is a time of increased risk for depression.  Therefore, women who are treated with antidepressant medications must consider whether or not to stay on medication during pregnancy.  Despite reassuring data regarding the reproductive safety of various antidepressants, a woman may prefer not to continue medication during pregnancy due to concerns about long term effects of medication on the baby.  However, by discontinuing antidepressant medication, a woman increases her risk of depression during pregnancy.  This is a highly personal decision for women as the potential risks of continuing medication must be weighed against the possibility of relapse and the potential effects of untreated depression on the pregnancy and baby.

    Massage Therapy for Depression

    There are currently 100 clinical trials registered on clinicaltrials.gov using massage as a treatment.  Six are listed for the indication of depression.  A small minority are focused specifically on treating depression or anxiety, while in many the effects of massage for patients with serious medical conditions are being explored.  Infant massage is also under study for developmental benefits.  The number of randomized trials for verified psychiatric disorders using massage as an intervention are limited to date.

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