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    Lamotrigine and Breastfeeding: An Update

    Women with bipolar disorder are vulnerable to postpartum illness, and it is generally recommended that mothers continue treatment with a mood stabilizer throughout the postpartum period to reduce their risk of relapse; however, this recommendation is complicated by the all mood stabilizers are secreted into the breast milk, although their concentrations appear to vary considerably (Chaudron and Jefferson, 2000).

    When Health Care Providers Say the Wrong Thing

    With increasing frequency, postpartum women who have taken antidepressants during pregnancy have shared – usually in tears – that while in the hospital for their labor and delivery hospitalization, a health care provider at the hospital said something judgmental about their being on an antidepressant.  For example, one woman said that a nurse told her, “I can’t believe you took that during pregnancy.”  Or, “Don’t you know how risky that is?!”  Or “How could you do that to your baby?”  This is often in the context of women using other medications in parallel for non-psychiatric indications, of which less may be known about the reproductive safety profile, but not addressed by the health care provider.

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