Mass General Hospital

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Clinical and Research Program

The Center for Women’s Mental Health at the Massachusetts General Hospital has both a Clinical and a Reseach Program. The combination of research with clinical practice keeps our psychiatrists up-to-date and involved in the most current developments within the field, ensuring that our Center provides the highest quality care.

Clinical consultation is available to women throughout the reproductive life cycle and patients can obtain an evaluation and be treated by clinicians with particular expertise in their area. Our Clinical Program provides services for:

  • Women with psychiatric disorders who are pregnant or who wish to conceive
  • Women with postpartum psychiatric disorders, including postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Women who may benefit from the use of medication and wish to breastfeed
  • Women with premenstrual depression and/or anxiety
  • Menopausal women and women beginning to experience early perimenopausal symptoms, including depression

Since the Research Program at the Center for Women’s Mental Health was created, the goal of our research has been to improve the quality of life for women across the reproductive life cycle.

Our clinical research studies investigate new treatment options for premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder, for depression and anxiety following pregnancy, and for menopausal symptoms that disrupt a woman’s life. Our observational studies on psychiatric disorders during pregnancy allow us to add to the limited knowledge about the effects of both treated and untreated mood disorder on a woman and her child. We regularly publish our research in scholarly journals and present our findings at scientific conferences throughout the world.

Please check our Research Studies page for a list of current studies being conducted at the Center, as we are constantly starting new research studies. If you do not qualify for one of current studies, be sure to join our Research Registry by filling out our Research Consult Form; you will be contacted by one of our Research Assistants if we begin a study that may be of interest to you.

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